Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal solid waste MSW on a landill site.  Garbage for recycling and material recovery in a MRF material recycling facility

Waste Hierachy

Waste Hierarchy

Least favoured option at base. With the Vickers SeerDrum as pre-treatment to a 'Clean MRF', the majority of the raw waste can be Recycled, avoiding landfill use and taxation. Gates fees and recyclables sales generate significant revenues.

Under the Products Recovered page of this web site, it can be seen how useful those organics are.

Landfilling is becoming increasing expensive with ever rising landfill taxation and shortage of sites. Further, the methane emissions from landfill sites are a source of damaging greenhouse gas.

Incineration faces increasing opposition and extremely high costs related to emission controls.

Both fail to meet the Waste Hierarchy
(EU Law under the Waste Framework Directive 2008) as they are both the least favoured options ; Disposal.

There is a better way to process our waste, an economical and safe method to efficiently separate the recyclable in-organics from the valuable organic fraction.

The Vickers SeerDrum is at the heart of this process delivering cleaned recyclables of metals, plastics and glass as well a homogenous organic fraction comprising the pulped card, paper and foodstuff useful as a biomass fuel for renewable energy generation.

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