15 Tonne per hour Vickers Seerdrum for processing municipal solid waste (MSW). The Seerdrum will separate the organic biological waste from the inert material. The recovered inerts including the metals, plastics, glass and textiles can be separated on a MRF for sale to the recyclables market. The organic fraction, when refined, has value as a cellulosic biomass for conversion to renewable energy or other industrial products.

Landfill Directive and Recycling Targets.

The EU Landfill Directive requires the diversion of biodegradable municipal waste from landfills. Residual waste, or non source segregated waste, may account for 60% and more of all waste arisings. This residual waste is 50%-60% organic and biological material which is generally sent to landfill. Separating the organic biological waste from the residual black bag waste is seen as a hurdle in complying with the requirement of the Landfill Directive.

To improve recycling rates it is important to extract maximum recyclable materials from black bag waste. Putting a Seerdrum ahead of a dirty MRF will increase the recovery and recycling rates of material within the black bag waste.

Seerdrum technology allows waste management companies to profitably separate MSW into valuable organic and inert fractions and therefore comply with the Landfill Directive as well as improve recycling rates with less material sent to landfill.

Waste destined for landfill or incineration, shown above, is processed by the Seerdrum and separated into the organic and inert fractions delivering useful products shown below.

15T fibre and inerts.jpg

The inert fraction on the left can go directly to a clean material recovery facility, a MRF, for separation into the differing bales of metals, hard plastics, plastic films, textiles, glass etc.

The pulped organic fraction delivered by the Seerdrum, which is typically the food, card and paper in the MSW, is produced at a rate of about 600 - 800kg per tonne of MSW processed and at 57% moisture content. There are some assumptions here about the analysis of MSW being 25% moisture content and generally 50% organic.

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